Writer. Researcher. Editor.


Content Policy

Unless otherwise stated, the rights for any media (photos, text, video or audio) are retained by myself. Reuse, reprint, reproduction or distribution of the material in any way is not authorized without my express written consent.

Invoicing Policy

Because the nature of the editorial services offered varies too widely to list them individually, invoices will be used. When the initial order is placed, a placeholder charge for the amount of 1 spec or page (ie, Proofreading would carry a placeholder charge of $3.25) will be made to your credit card. After a contract is drawn up and signed, half of the total amount to be invoiced for the project will be charged. Upon completion and delivery of the project, the remainder of the total will be charged. The initial placeholder charge will be deducted from the total of the project. 

Promotional Services Policy

For some services (listed on the individual editorial services to which they apply), 5 pages will be reviewed for free. I understand that authors may want to view a sample of my work to better understand the scope of the work they've selected to have done as well as my own personal working style so we can make changes as necessary. This promotional offer applies to manuscripts over 10 pages in length, the pages must be sequential, and the author is prohibited from submitting 5 more pages from the same manuscript over again. However, the author is welcome to submit 5 pages from another manuscript. A 'manuscript', as defined for the purposes of the service, is any completed work of fiction or non-fiction, over 10 pages, including but not limited to screenplays, stage plays, spec scripts, novels, novellas, short stories, and the like.

Document Policy

The documents that are created and used for some services (ie Manuscript Permissions Evaluation and permissions contracts) are of my own creation and are not to be reproduced, reused or distributed to third parties not related to the original work or project for which the services were completed without my express written permission. 

Contact and Confidentiality Policy

I value my own privacy and so have great respect for the privacy of others. As far as any contact information that I receive is concern, I will not disseminate your information to third parties unless 1.) I have received your written permission and the nature of the dissemination has been previously discussed and agreed up or 2.) it is required by the project (ie, a permissions vendor needs it in order to draw up an invoice) and has been discussed previously. Other than that, your information will remain completely confidential. In such, I hereby give my permission for clients to disseminate my contact information insofar as it relates to business matters.

I understand that because of the nature of the services that a high degree of confidentiality is appreciated and required. In that, as far as any manuscripts or other written works are concerned, I will refrain from discussing any details of it with third parties, sharing the information provided, or infringing upon any intellectual property. As a writer myself, I understand the apprehension with sharing one's work for review, but I will neither steal nor copy any ideas or material of yours. To provide further comfort to my clients, I am willing to sign a Confidentiality Agreement or a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

In regard to any permissions work and potential use of third-party company systems, I understand and agree not to share any company specific information with competitors and also not to disclose any information shared in confidence by my clients with any third-parties, be they business related or otherwise. Again, I am willing to sign a Confidentiality Agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement.