New Year New Goals

I know it's 19 days into January, but it's still January so I'm well within my right to post a New Year's post. 

This year is the year that I will build the skills necessary to be at least a Junior Web Developer.

I would say "this will be the year..." but that's something that I've said literally every other year in regard to something. 

"This will be the year I stop eating so much shitty food." I said while I was drinking a slushie from 7-Eleven. It never happened.

"This will be the year I run a sub-two half marathon." I said that for at least 3 years but never actually put in the effort to do it. It never happened.

And so this will be the year I stop saying "This will be the year" and actually commit to this being the year. 

How am I doing that? First of all, I enrolled in Codecademy's "Build Website UIs" class. I also applied for and received the Udacity/Google Developer Challenge Scholarship!

 Hell yeah!

Hell yeah!

In addition, I started taking classes through Udemy (my company generously provided all employees with a business membership this year). In addition to both of those, I am part of the #CNC2018 (Code Newbie Challenge 2018) group and challenge on Facebook with the goal to #CodeMore.

Go big or go home.

Every night I take time to do my classes. Even if it's just one lesson on each platform, I've been doing it. Right now, thankfully, the content is either easy to grasp or is stuff I've done before (HTML and CSS are my jam). It will get more challenging (and potentially discouraging) as I go along but I'm determined not to give up. 

I do of course have other goals for the new year and I've made a few commitments to reach them, but more details about that in future posts.

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